Monday, November 5, 2012

Bright lights

We keep looking for that bright light, regardless of the darkness in our tunnel. We keep pacing towards it, mesmerised by it. We outright need and can't live without it.

Sometimes though, bright lights can be deceiving. They can blind you. They can hurt you. While you think you will find your way once there, it will be so stark white, it will leave you direction-less.

Only then will you wonder why you didn't stop when you were comfortable. When there was just enough light so you could find your way. Your way to a path that didn't leave u blinded.

Here's hoping all of us find that sweet, well lit path to progress.

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Layers of Darkness

Layers after layers of darkness,
its just like walking blind
No sense of direction
No path to take
All you feel is quick sand.

Wish for a road, even a broken one would do
At least it would lead me to a place I wish to.

Wish for a star overlooking me
Even its tiny light would do for me.

Wish for a match that I can light
If not, then at least pick a fight

Wish for a sound that would make me please
At least in this darkness, put me to ease.

But layers of darkness is all I have
A little light is all I need
A little clean air to breathe
A little life to feel
From the quick sand I must run
For I should know to be a smart woman.
For the more you try to go slow
The deeper you will go.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Make The Right Mistake

You deserve to make a mistake

You deserve to take a chance

You need to find your freedom

Go ahead and take that stance.

Don't go by what others think

Or even what they say or do

'coz those who make the right mistakes

Are actually very few.

Don't forget to stand

Away from the crowd.

Know that your decision

Will one day make you proud.

You deserve to make a mistake

You deserve to play a game,

If what you want is happiness

Or even something like fame.

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Monday, January 9, 2012

Sleeping in a war zone

Its terribly cold and the wind stings you. But you are so tired of running that it doesn't matter anymore. You sleep in your tiny space, trying to be as comfortable as you can, not knowing what will happen tomorrow. 

Soon, muffled voices are heard. You disregard them, hoping that they would go away. But in your heart you know that this is the beginning of a long nightmare.

The voices get loud and closer. Suddenly, a racket. First afar, but rapidly moving closer. Bombing and screaming, some in agony and some angry. You contemplate if you should be part of the action, but resolve on staying hidden. Not so much because you are scared, but because you were never intended to be a part of it anyway.
You wait endlessly for it to stop. You get up once or twice because instinct tells you to.

You find out that they are not after you at all. Which also implies that nobody is going to protect you.

While you wait, half aware, in a sudden realisation things around you completely change. Sounds stop and the air clears. You expect a droning sound but the complete silence takes you aback.

You try to sleep, almost waiting for the war sounds to wake you again. Soon enough, it starts again.