Friday, November 13, 2009

For You

Here we are - we've just begun
And after all this time - our time has come
Ya here we are - still goin' strong
Right here in the place where we belong!

(from Bryan Adams song- Here I Am)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

48s poem

What speaks between us, is the silence of our souls

What speaks between us is, the beauty of your soul

Your eyes, that sound so pure, I wana get lost in them, I m so sure

Your breath, that sounds so warm, it triggers, within me a silent storm

Your touch that sounds so vivid, I listen to it, by touching my ears to it!

Your grip sounds so strong, I wana get gripped for so , so long

I know I will always listen to this love,

I know that our souls will always listen to our heartbeats.

For you, are the soul of my body, and I m the body to your soul

Please hold me tight, I need you throughout my life….

The Rain

At first I see the dark clouds, the scary lightening and stormy winds

But, as a drop falls my parched and stoned soul

Slowly, silently, the child within me unwinds…

Walking down the concrete road

I welcome the rain

Turning my head right up to the sky

While smiling at its face.

I feel the soothing drops; I try to embrace myself

And I hold myself in place, think of you all the way.

Breath takes your name, eyes look for you through the dripping ruffles

And I feel you in my arms, each moment, all day!

Then one day when we stand at our window,

And the rain comes lashing by.

The breeze along makes us spread our arms,

WE believe, yes we can fly…

So many of our emotions

Do these rains hold.

Sometimes they make us cheerful,

Sometimes intimate

They make our love sparkle

We love this nature’s spectacle.

Now, each time, when we drench ourselves in these rains,

I will melt in your arms, forgetting all my pains….

Movie Love

I see you there
Waiting for me
It seems so surreal
You looking at me
You speak to me,
I look into your eyes
And so lost
As if to the rest of the world
I have gone blind.
We laugh together
Time halts
To let me know
That this is what I wanted
All this time.
And amidst the laugh,
A tear rolls down
We dance together
To a beautiful song
But a different tune
Plays in my heart.
The night went well,
The night went slow
Yet I always felt
That I want more
More moments to cherish
More love to believe
More time
So that I feel complete
You're all I want
You're all I need
You're all I believe
I know it's real.

Friday, May 1, 2009


They said you are a princess

this isn't what you  should do.

they made it seem so simple,

I was spoilt through and through

But the real thing was that

the princess was imprisoned

she was made to believe that she was protected

she was made to believe that the outside world was not true

she was made to believe that what she had a true princess tale.

But the real thing was

that it was the easy way out

to keep her from learning what's true

how do you think the princess feels now

after seeing the outside glow

what do you think she will do now

because she knows what's true

she doesn't think she's protected,

she feels she was betrayed

when she heard a voice say, “there's nothing out there”

that same place where her prince charming is

that same place where the real world exists.

that same place, where the sun shines and then pours the rain

that's the real world she wanted

that's the real world she’ll get.

Friday, February 20, 2009


Songs almost always signify an emotion and give a message... just thought ill make a list of songs that i want to dedicate to my dear ones

Still the one- Shania Twain--> Sohil

Where do you go- No Mercy --> Sharmin

Crash and Burn- Savage Garden--> Shalini

Crazy lil party girl--> Tejal